Monday, June 29, 2015

  1. me and lori are sitting side by side and are going to answer these questions about eachother. im going to write down what we say ab eachother. we will see who the better friend is :-) (the first answer is what lori says about me, the second is my words about her)

  2. When and how did we first meet? "umm we met in ninth grade I was sitting on the ground by the pole, reading a book. you were awkward."- lori 
    1. "umm so i was talking to nadine and she said lets go say hi to lori so we did & everyone left & it was just me and lori and then we became friends that way"
  3. Who is your best friend's hero? "uhhhh ke$ha" 
    1. "i'm going to say daisy"
  4. If you could go any place on earth, where would it be and why? "you would go to france because youre romantic and youd love to put a lock on the bridge with jonah" 
  5. "hogwarts"
  1. What is your favorite color? "green or orange" ((PSA I NEVER LIKED ORANGE!!!!))
  2. "yellow"(it used to be, not anymore i like lavender..ok lori)
  3. What is our favorite food? 
  4. "mexican food or chicken"
  5. "japanese food"
  6. What is your best friend’s biggest fear? "being broken up with/ being hurt"
  7. " losing the people she loves"
  8. If your best friend were deserted on an island, what are the three things she/he could not live without? "phone, bronzer, perfume"
  9. "food,phone,charger"
  10. What part of your best friend’s body is their favorite? "butt" "eyes"
  11. How long does it take your best friend to get dressed? "3 days" "30 minutes" 
  12. Which is your best friend’s favorite season and why? "winter" "fall"
  13. What's your best friend’s favorite TV show? "Finding Carter" "OITNB" 
  14. Would your best friend watch a chick-flick, action, comedy or a horror movie? "horror" "horror"
  15. What is your favorite inside joke? "GAM GOM GAL" "couldnt eat my breakfast this morning" 
  16. What favorite memory do you two share? "staying the night before your birthday party ON A SCHOOL NIGHT" "when we walked to the shell in the pouring rain" 
  17. What is the one thing that annoys you most about your best friend? "I think that uhmm my honesty sometimes annoys you((True lori))" "my bitchy moods sometimes??" (lori adds "yes, the world does not revolve around you!!")
  18. Between the two of you, who takes longer to get ready? "you" "me"
  19. Does your best friend have any nicknames? "katiemack!!, kate, bitch" "Lori is not a nickname but it is your only name. the name lauren is dead to me"
  20. What is the one thing your best friend would want for their birthday? "money" "alex and ani bracelet" 
  21. What is your best friend’s greatest achievement? "apologizing for being a bitch in eleventh grade and twelfth grade" "winning that gum tree thing that I didn't know about because I was being a bitch and did not care. but congratulations while we are at it" 
  22. What is your best friend really bad at? "being nice!" "makeup. lol jk" 
  23. What is the meanest thing someone has ever done to your best friend? "pushed her down in a puddle" "waldorf salad, using her, not texting her in the morning :( " 
  24. Is your best friend a spendthrift, or do they like to save their money? "save money, youre cheap" "Spend thrift"
  25. What is your best friend’s favorite animal? "elephant" "i know it used to be an owl but IDK ANYMORE" 
  26. Can you describe your best friend in one word? "ghetto" "fun2c"
  27. What's your best friend's favorite kind of sandwich? "turkey? is it?" "ham???" 
Is your best friend allergic to anything? "you used to be allergic to caffeine but other than that no" "animals and medicine!!!!!! all animals!!!! animals dont touch me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

a little memory monday for u guys

going through iphoto on the macbook and i decided to post a few gems and the memories behind them. here we goooo...

because this is my favorite picture and its ratchet but this is when things began to be gr8!!! 

W h Y ? 

can we grasp the fact this is how my hair looked 2 years ago yikes 

two thanksgivings ago!! fun times! lol

when becca went to school w me and we (sometimes) got along 

this was a gr8 time because bri was(and still is) one of the best friends ive ever had and we hung out alot

because my hair looked like this 3 years ago and ouch thats all i see

hello friend


Sunday, June 28, 2015

Im ill IDGAF

On my break at work and im just really really REALLY ill. 5 people are on my nerves.

And counting ;)

I can't wait for tonorrow to be over and have a break from work and people for a while. I don't plan on doing that much either.

Tuesday - im going to watch PLL and enjoy my day. Asking jonah 2 take me to the zoo but that won't happen.

Wednesday- im supposed to hang out with one of my (long lost) friends. Not really long lost I just haven't hung out with her in a month lol.

Thursday I'll probably sleep all day then do something that night: I just want to be lazy all day and then fix myself up and go out.

And I will :)

And sometime in that time period I'll see jonah.

SN: sitting in the back at work and they stopped making waffle cones... Can Yall no do ANYTHJNG without me...?

when I get off im going home and sleeping. Ps do not disturb :-)

Lazy Sunday morning....

It's currently 11 AM. (As always) watching reruns of FC, not so patiently waiting till October </3
Im eating leftover oishi, with a side of cheezits!!! Yum!

My plans for today is just to rest until 2, then work time till 9:45 :( at least I don't close

Oh and check this(lol jonah said that the other day and I thought it was so funny) I only work MONDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY AND SUNDAY:/):/):-)

Saturday, June 27, 2015

GN world

I've been working all day and im so appreciative to be off

11:22 pm currently in bed watching Finding Carter and dozing off

WOW KOOL a scary movie commercial :-/

im sleepy and just want to sleep. Sorry this won't be the best  post!! Just shoot me alright!!!

Friday, June 26, 2015

fabulous friday

today was the ideal friday.

usually fridays arent that fun to me. most of the time i work. but other fridays i just don't really care for.

today however, was an exception. I hung out with nadine and lori for a lil bit. at around 4 I headed home  and got ready for a d8 with bae. we were going to go to this hibachi place, but we decided to go to oishi. and man, it did not disappoint.  we rode around and went to walmart and just had a fabulous time together. i always have this feeling after hanging out with him like <3_<3 

now, im back at the house resting for a minute, cause im gonna go purge- i mean "watch" the purge with lori. not take notes or anything. just casual... watching it for fun.... ha.

then we will meet up with naydeen when she gets off work!! 

but for now, old lori is waiting on me. I remember why i blogged for so long, bc i really love it!!! 

Get to know me :-)

Do you like someone? yes
If so, who? my boyfriend???????
Are you single? no
Who was the last person you texted? jonah
Last person you kissed? ^^
What does the very last message in your inbox say? "okay!!"
Who’s it from? it was a message i sent.
What’s your favorite kind of music? hip hop and pop
What’s your favorite band? i like alot of artists
Is there a certain song that means something to you? If so, what is it and why? there are a lot of songs that mean something to me. last kiss: taylor swift 
Are you comfortable with yourself? yes
Are you awkward? I DONT think i am but other ppl may think so
Do you have any pets? yes. boxer dog-cooper cats - sophie and stewart
What’s your favorite candy? m&ms, peanut butter candy, dark chocolate, taffy. 
Favorite movie?  all of the narnia movies, new moon.
Favorite UFC fighter? whats ufc
Favorite food? chicken <3
Animal? cats 
Drink? pepsi 
Person? i like alot of persons
Who last made you smile? i just laughed at myself
Does anyone under your contacts list have a heart beside their name? If so, who? jonah and madeline. sorry everybody else, nothing personal 
Does anyone like you? i like to think so 
Are you thinking about someone right now? yeah, myself
Ever smoked? no
Done drugs? no 
Drank? yes, i was just drinking a pepsi
What color is your crush’s hair? black
Eyes? brown
Height? like 6 ft!
What time do you usually wake up in the morning? from 6am-12pm it depends
How late do you usually stay up at night? from 11-3am it depends
Who was the last person you texted to before you went to bad last night? before i went to "bad"???  this question will not be answered
Who is the last text in your inbox from? running out of questions so you have to repeat yourself?? 
Do you dislike anyone?  yes
If so, who? is this a trick

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

So since I created this blog about ten months ago, and have failed to use it but one time, i thought now would be a good time to post something.

Currently it is the end of June and I couldn't wait for summer to be over more. Im starting the elementary education program in ole miss in August. And I am excited!

Jonah and me are doing things in a little bit, so I'll post more along the way.