Friday, July 17, 2015

i've been a terrible blogger lately

and i am sorry. it's been my vacation week and i've just been laying in bed or hanging out with people. so i haven't really got the macbook to post. but here i am. it's friday,  and i plan on making the best out of one of my last vacation days. however, today makes 2 years that one of my good friends passed away.  he was the first person i ever really knew that died, and thinking about it still doesn't feel real. people are posting it all on social media and "rip" posts and i don't know. i just like to push this day to the back of my mind. i don't know. i guess the best thing to do is go out and get my mind off of being sad, so i'm going to go hang out with one of my friends for a little while, then me and my sister may hang out. who knows, not me. sorry for my vent, i just kind of needed to.

i pinky promise i will update every day from now on again ok :))

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